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About Joe Perry of Aerosmith

Full Name: Anthony Joseph Perry


Birthday: September 10,1950
Place of Birth: Lawrence, MA
Siblings: 1 SisterĀ 
Instruments: Guitar
Started playing guitar: 6 years old
First Guitar: A ukulele made by his uncle
First Guitar Bought: A Silvertone from his father
First Time on Tour: First Aerosmith Tour
Bands Prior to Aerosmith: Flash, Pipedream, Plastic Glass, Jam Band
Other Projects:

- Joe Perry Project -

Let the Music Do the Talking (March 1980)
I've Got The Rock 'n' Rolls Again (June 1981)
Once a Rocker Always A Rocker (September 1983)

Other Solo Projects:

Joe Perry (May 2005)
Have Guitar Will Travel (October 2009)

Joe Perry's Official Webpage

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Joe Perry Quotes

"I think we're just a garage band that got lucky. It's the enthusiasm from the audience that keeps it going."

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