Tyler: 'I've not quit Aerosmith'

November 11, 2009

(WENN) -- Steven Tyler has blasted rumours he has quit Aerosmith - insisting he will continue to sing with the legendary band.

Guitarist Joe Perry announced the shocking news over the weekend, revealing he had read online that the singer had "quit" - and assumed the story was true because Tyler had been distancing himself from his bandmates over the previous few months.

Perry even went on to talk about replacing their iconic frontman, but Tyler has now spoken out about the rumours - and baffled his bandmates by insisting he has no plans to leave the group.

The singer teamed up with Perry on stage in New York on Tuesday night for the guitarist's Joe Perry Project gig, to belt out their Aerosmith hit "Walk This Way." And during the encore Tyler took the opportunity to reassure fans the reports of his departure are not true.

He told the crowd, "I just want New York to know that I'm not leaving Aerosmith. The break-up - it just ain't true."

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