Friday, June 22...Hershey Park ... Hershey, PA

Last night Aerosmith came to play a sold-out show at Hersheypark Stadium in Hershey, Pennsylvania along with opening band, Fuel. Although I wasn't as impressed with Fuel, Aerosmith's show was spectacular. They began their show on the main stage of the stadium with both their latest songs  and their old-time favorites. I saw them the last time they came to Hershey - which  I loved as well - but this time it was incredible!

I couldn't believe some of the  vintage Aerosmith songs they played...Uncle Salty, Toys in the Attic, Mama Kin,  Seasons of Wither, Train Kept A'Rollin, Big Ten Inch, Draw the Line, and of  course Sweet Emotion, Walk This Way, Dream On, and Same Old Song and Dance.  I was really amazed that they played so many older songs...I didn't expect  it at all! (The last Aerosmith concert I saw didn't include half as many classic  songs...mostly newer songs) It was really satisfying to hear these songs live, it adds  a whole new dimension to their older albums. Some of the other songs they played included Cryin, Pink, Just Push Play, Jaded,  Fly Away from Here, Don't Want to Miss a Thing, and a couple of others. Steven  even did an interesting tune that sounded reminiscent of a '70s funk song, but I'm  not sure of the song's title. 

The band later moved the show to another stage in the middle of the stadium, where  people like me with poor seats could get up close to hear them ears were  ringing afterwards. I was thoroughly impressed that they did shows that they  still care a lot about the fans.  Finally, after Walk This Way followed by Sweet Emotion, the band bowed  out...only to return for a triple encore including such songs as Livin' on the Edge and  What it Takes! The show definitely got everyone's spirits the end, many  older fans were dancing with their wives and family while younger fans watched in  amazement. 

Steven introduced all the band members, who took bows to a cheering audience.  Finally Joe Perry introduced Steven, the "Demon of Scream'in," as he said. The  leather-clad guitarist thanked everyone for coming, and the band bowed out soon  after. When all is said and done, Aerosmith continues to perform better than ever...quite a  feat for a group entering their '50s! But then again...this is Aerosmith. 

-Greg Venbrux Pennsylvania 

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