Saturday, July 21...Sandstone Amphitheater ... Kansas City, KS


"I had high expectations for this concert. I saw a Nine Lives show a few years before in Colorado. I soon found out I had under-estimated Aerosmith. During Fuel's show, no one seemed to notice them on stage, we were all  waiting for Aerosmith to start up. Kinda makes you feel sorry for Fuel, everybody not caring that you're onstage like that. Anyway it was great. I found it a better concert than Nine Lives because they played so many classics as well as some newer hits, whereas Nine Lives was mainly newer stuff with a little old mixed in.

The part that really blew me away was when they walked through the crowd  to a second stage in front of the lawn seats and played some songs there. I was a few feet from the stage and got to touch Joe Perry as  they left and returned to the main stage. Talk about lucky! It was the only time I've ever seen lawn seats sold out. You could barely move in the crowd (Not surprising though). I'm amazed that the  boys could make it through the crowd to get to and from the cheap  seat stage. It was truly a great show and a great night, of course  Aerosmith is a truly great band. Been around thirty years and still blowin everyone away like that."

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