Rick Dufay

(born Richard Marc Dufay, February 19, 1952 in Paris, France) played guitar in Aerosmith between the departure of Brad Whitford in 1981 and his subsequent rejoining (along with Joe Perry) in 1984. Before joining the band, Rick released an album called Tender Loving Abuse. That album was produced by Aerosmith knobsman Jack Douglas who also recommended him to Steven Tyler as Whitford's replacement. Dufay can be heard on parts of Aerosmith's 1982 Rock in a Hard Place album as well being seen in the video for "Lightning Strikes". Dufay was also apparently a stabilizing force for the band on the road, describing himself in Behind The Music: Aerosmith as caring for Tyler during the his lowest points of addiction and depression, and famously suggesting to the singer to reunite with Whitford and Perry for the sake of Aerosmith overall and Tyler in particular. It was for that reason, Joe Perry thanked Dufay for "committing career suicide" during Aerosmith's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame acceptance speech in 2001. Since leaving Aerosmith, Rick has been engaged in various projects, including the band Blue By Nature featuring vocalist Karen Lawrence.

His daughter is actress Minka Kelly.


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