Discount Dogs
(Perry, Mormon)

Something that you got
Really drives me up the wall
You got me spinning round and round
Im heading for a fall
You got me floatin
Im the kite on your string
Cant you hear it sing
Cant you hear it sing

When Im with you, baby
Im like putty in your hands
Mold me, hold me.
Do everything you can
I just got to have
A little more of your love.
I swear you must have been sent
From heaven up above

Keep me satisfied
Keep me satisfied

Honey, when you do me
Do the things you do
I just cant help myself
Im so in love with you
You keep on giving it
Everything that you got
I know one thing for sure
You really make me hot.

Baby, cant you feel my heart beat
Its beating just for you
Baby, cant you feel me heart beat
Its ringing loud, its ringing true

Repeat 1st verse
Repeat chorus

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