Joe Perry talks, Aerosmith tour, 'Guitar Hero', and...mac 'n' cheese!

May 21, 2009

Entertainment Weekly
By Clark Collis

Aerosmith should be touring this summer in support of a new studio album, their first non-covers collection since 2001's Just Push Play. But work on the CD was suspended after guitarist Joe Perry underwent surgery on his knee and singer Steven Tyler contracted pneumonia. The rock legends are still hitting the road anyway (with special guests ZZ Top) and EW spoke to Perry about what fans can expect, his (non-)proficiency on Guitar Hero, and the axeman's side career as a food impresario.

Entertainment Weekly: How's the knee?
Joe Perry: It’s actually doing pretty good, thanks for asking. I’m doing my bends and dips and bulls--- to get it flexible for the stage.

You must be bummed the new album isn't finished.
I feel like a f—king shoe salesman talking about it because this is about the third time I’ve had to make excuses why the record isn’t out. You line everything up just right: Brendan O’Brien producing, Walmart and Sony screaming for the record, tour coming up, and there’s no record. We’re still in shock that it’s not happening. So I finished my solo record which is going to be coming out probably in the early fall.

Is it any good?
It’s f---ing great. It’s hands and feet better than the last one. And I think the last one was really good.

What have you got planned for the tour?
We’re going to pick an album and do it from front to back. Even though we do bits and pieces from all the albums, to me, there’s kind of a vibe that happens when you hear an album from beginning to end.

Do you know which album you’re going to do?
Yeah, I do. [laughs]

But you’re not going to tell me?

The folks at Guitar Hero brought out an Aerosmith game last year and there's also a new GH competition, the winners of which will get to play as your "opening act." Are you any good at Guitar Hero yourself?
Of course not! The first levels being really simple and the controller being somewhat familiar for a guitar player, I can intuitively do it. But as soon as it starts veering off into the more complicated stuff then it really turns into a gamer’s game. And I’m just not a gamer. I gladly let me sons beat me.

What’s happening with your line of Joe Perry hot sauce? That stuff is delicious!
Yeah, I use it. Steven’s addicted to it.

It’s nice that you’re addicted to hot sauce these days rather than anything else.
Well, I didn’t say I wasn't addicted to other things as well. But hot sauce is a good one. We’re going to relaunch it in a new bottle and we’re putting out another food product. I went around the house to see what the kids were eating the most and my wife said, "That’s easy, macaroni and cheese." So, we're putting out Rock ‘N' Roni. There’s going to be four different flavors and it’s all natural and it’s really good.

At this rate, you'll soon be able to retire from this whole music business nonsense!
Well, I could have retired a long time ago. But that’s not really what I’m cut out for.

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