Joe Perry Update

February 4, 2009

Joe Perry Update

JOE PERRY’s recovery at home from his recent emergency knee surgery is going very well; the AEROSMITH guitarist is continuing to fight off the infection that had suddenly developed after he had an artificial knee installed around 10 months ago (as a result of a stage-fall 23 years ago in Dallas).  Next, the AEROSMITH guitarist will soon head into the studio with his band-mates to record a much-anticipated new album, for which there are already a “few cool new bits and pieces” in the works, says JOE.  And getting back on the road—in late spring/early summer--is very much on his mind: “The last two tours I was in an extreme amount of pain, and it took everything I had to give you the show I know you deserved,” says JOE, who adds: “I am looking forward to playing shows without any pain in my knee for the first time in three years.”   For JOE, the train keeps a rollin’ indeed.

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