Joe Perry's Gibson GA30-RVS Goldtone Combo Amp FOR SALE!

March 4, 2009

Joe Perry's Gibson Goldtone for sale on eBay.  Check it out HERE!

Genuine touring and studio combo amp from Joe Perry's personal collection. Used in the studio for the making of the Just Push Play record and one of the amps used on the Just Push Play tour 2001. There were several of these amps used, making a wall of them in Joe's live rig. More combos and extension cabinets will be up for auction soon. Joe is happy to sign the item if you want. Regardless, a letter of authenticity will be included in the sale, as well as a photo of Joe signing the amp if you choose to have it signed. The amp is a Gibson Goldtone GA30-RVS. It is an EL84 tubed, Class A British-made combo with great reverb. Trace Elliott was the manufacturer for Gibson. The amp was made in the late 1990's. It's in very good condition, a couple of small nicks in the tolex from the tour, but thats it.

I have been Joe Perry's personal guitar tech for the last 17 years. All tours, all records. I personally cared for this amp. It sounds cool! Check out the tone on the Aerosmith "Rockin' the Joint" live CD.

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