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| Released: 1973 | Columbia Records | 2 x Platinum | "Aerosmith" Tour Dates

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1) Make It
2) Somebody
3) Dream On /
4) One Way Street
5) Mama Kin
6) Write Me
7) Movin Out
8) Walkin' the Dog

The Boston band's first album was a solid slab of hard rock that initially attracted little attention outside of New England. This album and the song "Dream On" became a hit only after the release of Aerosmith's third album, TOYS IN THE ATTIC. Columbia re-released AEROSMITH in 1976 and put out "Dream On" as a single, 3 years after its original release.

Steven Tyler (vocals);
Joe Perry (guitar);
Brad Whitford (guitar);
Tom Hamilton (bass);
Joey Kramer (drums)

Additional personnel:
David Woodford (saxophone)
Adrian Barber (Producer)
Adrian Barber, Caryl Weinstock (Engineers)
Stu Werbin (Liner Notes)

Album - Billboard (North America)

1976 Pop Albums 21

Singles - Billboard (North America)

1973 "Dream On" Pop Singles 59
1976 "Dream On" Pop Singles 6


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