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| Released: 1987 | Geffen Records | 5 x Platinum | "Permanent Vacation" Tour Dates

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1) Heart's Done Time
2) Magic Touch
3) Rag Doll/
4) Simorah
5) Dude (Looks Like a Lady)
6) St. John
7) Hangman Jury
8) Girl Keeps Coming Apart
9) Angel
10) Permanent Vacation
11) I'm Down
12) The Movie

A true comeback album, Aerosmith's PERMANENT VACATION featured the original line-up, and it gave the band its first top 10 hit in a decade ("Angel"). Thanks to Tyler & Perry's ground-breaking collaboration with Run D.M.C. in 1986 (on Aerosmith's old hit, "Walk This Way"), the band's visibility was high. The rehabilitated band took advantage of that opening with this album, a batch of hard rock songs that recalled their glory days of he 70s.

Recorded at Little Mountain Sound Studios, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Steven Tyler (vocals, piano, harmonica);
Joe Perry (guitar, background vocals);
Brad Whitford (guitar);
Tom Hamilton (bass);
Joey Kramer (drums)

Additional personnel:
Christine Arnott (spoken vocals);
Bruce Fairbairn (cello, background vocals);
Scott Fairbairn (cello);
Drew Arnott (Mellotron);
Jim Vallance (organ);
Morgan Rael (steel drums)
The Margarita Horns:
Tom Keelyside (tenor saxophone, clarinet);
Ian Putz (baritone saxophone);
Henry Christian, Bruce Fairbairn (trumpet);
Bob Rogers (trombone)

Album - Billboard (North America)

1987 The Billboard 200 11

- Billboard (North America)

1987 "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)" Mainstream Rock Tracks 4
1987 "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)" The Billboard Hot 100 14
1987 "Hangman Jury" Mainstream Rock Tracks 14
1987 "Hangman Jury" Mainstream Rock Tracks 14
1987 "Rag Doll" Mainstream Rock Tracks 12
1988 "Angel" Mainstream Rock Tracks 2
1988 "Angel" The Billboard Hot 100 3
1988 "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)" Hot Dance Music/Club Play 41
1988 "Rag Doll" The Billboard Hot 100 17


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