Night in the Ruts | Released: 1979 | Columbia Records | Platinum |
Night in the Ruts: Tour Dates 1979-1980

1)  No Surprize
2)  Chiquita
3)  Remember (Walking in the Sand)
4)  Cheese Cake
5)  Three Mile Smile
6)  Reefer Head Woman
7)  Bone to Bone
8)  Think About It
9)  Mia

Although 1979's NIGHT IN THE RUTS has a black and white album cover with all five members dressed as miners, in reality, Joe Perry left the band in the middle of recording due to personal differences. Brooklyn-born Jimmy Crespo was recruited to play on the remainder of RUTS and fill in Perry's shoes on tour. Throughout all the chaos, Perry managed to have his explosive guitar playing rise to the task. His interplay with Brad Whitford and an aggressive horn section make "Chiquita" one of the hardest rocking songs on this album. Elsewhere, Perry's skill on six-string found him playing the kind of slide guitar on "Cheesecake" that would make Duanne Allman jealous. The slide also came in handy during the slow blues of the novelty cover "Reefer Head Woman."

Steven Tyler's lyrics also seemed unaffected by all the turmoil as he wrote songs touching on a variety of topics. "No Surprize" immortalizes Aerosmith's early days, "Mia" is a tribute to Tyler's newborn daughter, and "Three Mile Smile" is a song that captures the "no nukes" fervor of the time.

At the time NIGHT IN THE RUTS was recorded, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry quit the band in 1979, citing personality conflicts with his long-time songwriting partner Steven Tyler.

Steven Tyler (vocals, keyboards);
Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Jimmy Crespo (guitar);
Tom Hamilton (bass);
Joey Kramer (drums)

Additional personnel:
Neil Thompson, Richard Supa (guitar);
George Young (alto saxophone);
Lou Marini (tenor saxophone);
Lou Delgotto (baritone saxophone);
Barry Rogers (trombone)

Album - Billboard (North America)

Year Chart Position
1980 Pop Albums 14

Singles - Billboard (North America)

Year Single Chart Position
1980 "Remember (Walking In The Sand)" Pop Singles 67

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