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| Released: 2006 | Columbia Records |

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1) Dream On
2) Mama Kin
3) Sweet Emotion
4) Back in the Saddle
5) Last Child
6) Walk This Way (w Run DMC)
7) Dude (Looks Like a Lady)
8) Rag Doll
9) Love in an Elevator
10) Jaine's Got a Gun
11) What it Takes
12) Crazy
13) Livin' on the Edge
14) Cryin'
15) I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
16) Jaded
17) Sedona Sunrise
18) Devil's Got a New Disguise

Note: Most songs are edited - cutting out guitar solos to fit more songs onto 1 disc.

Includes 2 new songs: Devils Got a New Disguise and Sedona Sunrise



Album - Billboard (North America)

2006 The Billboard 200 33


Singles - Billboard (North America)

2006 "Devil's Got A New Disguise" Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks 15


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