Make It

(Original Album: Aerosmith, 1973)

Good evening people, welcome to the show
Got something here I want you all to know
When life and people bring on primal screams
You've got to think of what it's gonna take to make your dreams

Make it
Don't break it
I said make it
Don't break it
If ya do, then ya feel like the world's coming down on you

You know that history repeats itself
What you just done, so has somebody else
You know you do, you gotta think the past
You gotta think of what it's gonna take to make it last

Make it
Don't fake it
Said make it
Don't fake it

If ya do

Better weather, pull yourself together
Don't be catchin' the blues
Better weather, pull yourself together
What have you got to lose
You're only paying your dues

Dues is the price that you gotta pay
If you don't, it gets you anyway
Although you know what you've been going through
Ya gotta know what it takes to

repeat chorus (a couple more times)

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